Monday, 12 October 2009

Acceptance Criteria and Course Requirements for Teacher Training Programs

For acceptance to the University of Helsinki teacher training program, applicants must:

1) Pass the university entrance examination with a high score
2) Pass a book test
3) Have an interview
4) Perform a teaching exercise based on a group interaction.

During their studies, they must take a research-based approach to teacher training. Therefore, they must study for a master's degree. Teachers of Grades 1-6 must have a master's degree in pedgagogy, while subject teachers must have a master's degree within their subject, although they can choose to write a master's degree in pedagogy.

All teachers have teaching practice in special teacher training schools affiliated with a university's teacher training program.


  1. Do you have a list of course requirements? A manual of choices of some kind?


  2. Hi Mr. Rakochy,

    I actually don't have one, actually.

    I found this link, however:

    Perhaps it can take you in the right direction? Can you read Finnish? Perhaps the Finnish page can tell you more directly.

    Best wishes,